The Importance of Regular Well Visits

The Importance of Regular Well Visits

Raising children these days takes hard work, and a team! Dr. Joy Peskin at Desert Willow Pediatrics in Tucson AZ can explain how routine well visits with your child's pediatrician can help keep your child healthy and give parents the information they need to ensure their child's emotional, developmental and health needs are being met.

When your child is born, you should expect to be visiting your pediatrician in Tucson Arizona frequently in the first few years for check ups and immunizations.As your child grows and gets older, the visits are less frequent but still very important; regular check ups give you and your pediatrician chances to address issues and/or concerns before they become problems.

At your child's routine yearly well visit or "Well Child Check" we monitor your child's growth and weight gain. Nutrition and diet information is shared and concerns addressed. This is also the time to ask about school and learning concerns. If your child does sports, the sports physical form can be done at this time as well. Any immunizations or shots that are due will be given, and information about any upcoming vaccinations will be discussed.

The importance of staying in touch with your pediatrician on a yearly basis for your growing child can not be emphasized enough! This ensures that if a health problem does arise, your pediatrician will be able to give treatment and information in the framework of knowing the "whole child" (and family); providing your child the best care possible.

Make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your child healthy. Contact  Dr. Joy Peskin, your pediatrician at Desert Willow Pediatrics in Tucson Arizona. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (520) 751-4124.