Newborn Care Well Visits

Newborn Care Well Visits

Having a baby is an exciting time. It can also be scary, especially with a first child. Desert Willow Pediatrics in Tucson, AZ provides newborn care. Dr. Joy Peskin will see your newborn in her office and will answer all the questions you may have.

Hospital Care

Your baby will be examined right after birth. It may happen right in your room, or it may be in the nursery. The following things will happen:

  • Your infant length, weight, and head circumference will be measured
  • The baby's temperature will be taken
  • Breathing and heart rate will be measured
  • Skin color will be examined
  • Activity will be monitored
  • Eye drops or ointment will be placed in the eyes to prevent infection
  • A vitamin K shot may be administered to prevent bleeding

 Your baby will get their first bath and their umbilical cord will be cleaned. They may provide some instruction to new parents about bathing and feeding the baby. Before the baby goes home, how to use an infant car seat will be another area that will be addressed.

Your pediatrician will be notified if they were not present at the birth and should make a visit within 24 hours. Your baby will get a blood test.

Blood is usually taken from the heel and will be checked for a variety of potential health issues including:

  • Metabolic problems
  • Hormone problems
  • Hemoglobin problems
  • Other problems your doctor may deem important
  • Often, hearing loss and heart problems are also tested before your infant leaves the hospital. 

First Newborn Visit

Newborn care is usually provided between 3-5 days after your baby's birth. At this appointment, we get to know each other as a team to help you provide the best care for your newborn! At this appointment, your baby will be weighed and measured. A complete exam will be done and a review of all hospital (or birth center) hearing and blood tests will be reviewed. Most importantly, an evaluation of the new "family unit" and any and all questions will be addressed! If you have the energy, try to write down any questions you may have. Things to discuss may be feeding concerns, sleep issues, skincare, urinary and stooling/gas issues.

The baby's next appointment will be in 1 week. A repeat Genetic Screen will be done in the office at that time. Weighing the baby and addressing any nursing/feeding concerns will be a priority at this visit. Vitamin D supplementation for nursing infants will be discussed as well.

In general, the next appointment will be at 1 month of age; but if parents have any feeding or other concerns, we will see you "as needed" before the 1-month appointment. Our office is available for questions, advice, and support at all times during your first days as a new family.

For newborn care in Tucson, AZ, Dr. Peskin of Desert Willow Pediatrics is accepting new patients. She also meets with parents before your baby's birth to provide peace of mind. Call 520-751-4124 for an appointment.